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Every so often, I would like to take pen to paper and share some of my personal views and ideas about what is currently going on in the world or, perhaps, something that has happened in the past that I'd still like to address. Please join me as I give you my point of view on things that happen above in space and below in the water.

Please feel free to comment through my webmaster. I'll do my best to read what you have to say on the same subject and, perhaps, comment on YOUR opinion.

                                  ---  Scott Carpenter, Aurora 7, Mercury Astronaut

Boulder, Colorado Parks and Recreation Department rededicates the Scott Carpenter Swimming Pool and Park in May 2011

The good folks of Boulder, Colorado will be rededicating the pool that they named for me in May 2011. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the rededication ceremony. Boulder is my home town and I wish that I was able to attend. I have sent a letter to be read by the Mayor of Boulder at the rededication. I still have the watch that I was presented in 1963 when they first opened the pool. I am glad to see its expansion and am joyful that I can share my name with such a fine effort.

If you would like to read more about their efforts, please click here to open a PDF article about their plans for the summer of 2011. Exercise is important for both young and old and I am glad to be a part of their parks and recreation department.


Mike Griffin’s critique of NASA’s New Direction
August 2010

Mike Griffin is not content to remain quiet during this period of upheaval in space policy. The administrator who oversaw the formation and initial development of the Constellation architecture—most notably the Ares 1 rocket and Orion capsule—is clearly not happy to see the White House and even Congress willing to dismantle part or all it in favor of a new approach to human space exploration.

Read Mike Griffin's Comments


Statement of Senator John H. Glenn, Jr. [ret]
Regarding NASA Manned Space Flight - June 17, 2010

This article was written by former Senator, Mercury and Shuttle Astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr. about his feelings regarding the end of the shuttle program and our lack of direction for future manned space flight

Read John Glenn's Article [in PDF Format]


On The Early Retirement of the Shuttle

George W. Jeffs is the former President of Space and Energy Operations [including Shuttle Orbiter, Integration and Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSMEs)] at Rockwell International. He is also the former President of the Space Division, North American Aviation-Rockwell International [including Apollo Command and Service Modules and the Space Shuttle Orbiter]. He is also a helicopter and fixed-wing pilot with multiengine and instrument ratings.

He wrote the following op-ed piece about the early retirement of the Shuttle that I would like to share with you. Click on the following link to read it.

Shuttle Retirement Op-Ed Piece


An Open Letter to President Obama

My good friend and fellow astronaut, Walt Cunningham [Apollo 7] has written this letter to President Obama. I signed it along with 27 other astronauts and former NASA personnel and have sent it to the President. Please take the time to read it and give it some thought.

An Open Letter



As mentioned in the above note, Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan [the first and last men to walk on the moon] had their say in Washington DC on May 12, 2010, where the letter above was also read. You can read the story HERE.


For Spacious Skies

Back in 2001, I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the New York Times about some misconceptions in the book "Flight". Please click here if you would like to read that letter and my opinion on the subject matter. This letter was written two years before "For Spacious Skies" was published.



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